Canada Exports

کیلنڈر GMT اصل پچھلا اتفاق رائے
2019-10-04 12:30 PM Aug C$50.58B C$49.66B
2019-11-05 01:30 PM Sep C$49.8B C$50.41B C$50.35B
2019-12-05 01:30 PM Oct C$49.91B C$49.53B C$49.3B
2020-01-07 01:30 PM Nov C$48.7B C$49.4B C$49.3B
2020-02-05 01:30 PM Dec

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Canada Exports Edge Up 0.8% MoM in October
Exports from Canada were up 0.8 percent from a month earlier to CAD 49.91 billion in October 2019 and above market expectations of CAD 49.3 billion. Shipments rose for consumer goods (+5.5 percent), mainly miscellaneous goods and supplies; energy products (+3.4 percent), mostly crude oil (+2.7 percent) and refined petroleum products (+15.2 percent); and metal and non-metallic mineral products (+5.7 percent), of which gold (+16.8 percent). Partially offsetting the overall gain, exports of farm and fishing products (-12.6 percent) posted the largest decline in October, amid lower shipments of other crop products (mainly soybeans) to China.

Canada Exports Fall 1.3% MoM in September
Exports from Canada fell 1.3 percent from a month earlier to CAD 49.78 billion in September, largely offsetting the increase in August and below market consensus of CAD 50.35 billion. Decreases were observed in 7 of 11 product sections. Exports declined for metal and non-metallic mineral products (-7.3 percent) mostly on lower gold shipments (CAD -371 million); farm, fishing and intermediate food products (-7.3 percent), of which canola exports (-48.9 percent). Also, shipments of energy products declined due to lower crude oil exports (-2.1 percent). Since the beginning of the year, exports were up 1.9 percent compared with the same period in 2018. On a quarterly basis, exports fell 2.3 percent in the three months to September, after a 4.8 percent rise in Q2.

Canada Exports Rise 1.8% MoM in August
Exports from Canada rose 1.8 percent month-over-month to CAD 50.58 billion in August 2019 from a downwardly revised CAD 49.66 billion in July. Shipments increased for energy products (3.9 percent), driven by higher exports of crude oil (2.9 percent); aircraft (38.7 percent) and metal and non-metal products (3.6 percent). Meanwhile, lower exports of motor vehicles and parts (-2.3 percent) partially offset the increase in total exports.

Canada Exports Fall 0.9% MoM in July
Exports from Canada were down 0.9 percent month-over-month to CAD 49.8 billion in July 2019 from an upwardly revised CAD 50.22 billion in the previous month. Declines were mostly seen in shipments of energy products (-6.7 percent), as a result of lower crude oil exports (-7.7 percent); and farm, fishing and intermediate food products (-5.4 percent), mainly due to lower wheat exports (-20.9 percent). These decreases were partially offset by a 8.5 percent rise in exports of metal and non-metallic mineral products, on higher sales of refined gold to the US and transfers of gold within the banking sector. Exports of unwrought aluminum (18.2 percent) were also up in July, following a 36.4 percent increase in June, the first full month after the removal of US tariffs on Canadian aluminum. Exports to the US fell 1.1 percent and those to countries other than the US edged down 0.3 percent, mostly to China (metal ores and pork).

Canada Exports Fall 5.1% MoM in June
Exports from Canada were down 5.1 percent month-over-month to CAD 50.3 billion in June 2019 from a downwardly revised CAD 53 billion in the previous month and against market consensus of CAD 51.5 billion. Exports of energy products fell 7.4 percent to CAD 10 billion, as shipments of crude oil dropped 8.6 percent, marking the first monthly decrease in 2019. Also, exports of aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts decreased 25.1 percent to CAD 2.2 billion, dragged down by lower sales of aircraft (-40.8 percent), amid lower shipments of commercial aircraft to the United States.

Canada Exports Hit Record High in May
Exports from Canada rose 4.6 percent month-over-month to CAD 53.1 billion in May 2019 from an upwardly revised CAD 50.8 billion in April and against market expectations of CAD 50.4 billion. It was the highest value in exports since series began in 1971, driven by higher shipments of motor vehicles & parts (12.4 percent to CAD 8.4 billion), mainly due to exports of passenger & light trucks (17.8 percent); aircraft & other transportation equipment (33 percent to CAD 2.9 billion) and energy products (5.0 percent to CAD 10.8 billion). On the other hand, exports of metal & non-metal mineral products decreased 11.8 percent to CAD 5.0 billion. Among major trading partners, exports to the US went up 3.7 percent, hitting a record high of CAD 37.8 billion, followed by increases in shipments to China (4.6 percent) and Japan (17.4 percent) while those fell to the UK (-34.6 percent).

کینیڈا تجارت آخری پچھلا سب سے اونچا سب سے کم یونٹ
تجارت کا توازن -1088.90 -1606.80 8524.80 -4953.10 CAD - لاکھ [+]
موجودہ اکاؤنٹ -9855.00 -6740.00 12492.00 -20035.00 CAD - لاکھ [+]
جی ڈی پی موجودہ اکاؤنٹ -2.60 -2.80 2.70 -4.20 فیصد [+]
درآمد 49783.50 51004.00 52433.30 1112.00 CAD - لاکھ [+]
برآمدات 48694.60 49397.20 52554.20 1366.00 CAD - لاکھ [+]
بیرونی قرضے 2694641.00 2736179.00 2736179.00 795408.00 CAD - لاکھ [+]
تجارت کے شرائط 92.50 91.50 108.50 79.10 پوائنٹس [+]
براہ راست غیر ملکی سرمایہ کاری 13386.00 23066.00 50326.00 -8640.00 CAD - لاکھ [+]
سرمایہ بہاؤ 0.00 0.00 4632.00 -672.00 CAD - لاکھ [+]
سونے کے ذخائر 0.00 0.00 46.20 0.00 ٹن [+]
خام تیل کی پیداوار 4390.00 4320.00 4520.00 955.00 BBL/D/1K [+]
دہشت گردی انڈیکس 3.59 3.53 3.59 0.65 [+]
سیاحوں کی آمد 2432630.00 3145532.00 7006165.00 1138895.00 [+]
ہتھیاروں کی فروخت 84.00 64.00 473.00 38.00 امریکی ڈالر - لاکھ [+]